About StockPhotoFeeds

StockPhotoFeeds.com offers 2 main services to people interested in finding great photographs.

The first is to aggregate and provide RSS feeds of the latest microstock stock photographs from several agencies offering low-cost, and great quality stock imagery.

By subscribing to an RSS feed for new photos at any microstock agencies you use, you can see the latest photographs or vectors relevant to your business, website, or magazine as soon as they become available for purchase. You subscribe to the feed for any search and as soon as new images go live, you find out about it.

Why do you need to know about the latest microstock photos?

Many businesses want fresh images for their website, blogs, catalog, or marketing materials. The fashions in photography and illustration change often, just over the last couple of years the types of images sold has changed significantly, styles like ‘grunge’ has pretty much passed on, whereas bright-vibrant illustrations are currently dominating and and retro images are on the rise. By subscribing to a feed of the newest stock photos you can keep ahead of the curve and make sure your website, brochure or articles are leading the field in the visuals they use.

It’s also very useful if you operate a website in a niche field to be able to find quite rare stock photos, whereas finding high quality images of business people, food images or conventional homelife is very easy; finding awesome stock photos for less-produced topics like mountaineering, emergency services staff, or even various types of lifestyle stock (especially themes like adoption, domestic issues, gay lifestyle images), can be very hard to find. By subscribing to RSS feeds of new stock images, you can be sure when work is produced for your niche you have immediate access to it without having to take the time to search manually.

Some of the microstock sites you can subscribe to updates from also offer the ability to exclusively license images, so you or your company are the only place allowed to use an image, which gives an excellent edge in the appearance and marketing for your business to your customers and clients. Nobody wants to end up using the same images as their competition. By keeping an eye in your RSS feed reader on new images as they are created by microstock contributors, and licensing them for exclusive use, you can avoid using the same photographs as your competitors.

You can subscribe to keep up-to-date with RSS feeds of the latest microstock stock photos on any page on the StockPhotoFeeds site and make sure your business is making the best impression on your clients, blog readers or customers.

Right now, new images on these microstock agencies can be followed using stock photo feeds:

What about Free Images

Here at StockPhotoFeeds, I have also made The Ultimate Free Stock Photo Search Tool a browser addon to help find free stock photographs and vectors. It’s a one-button addon which lets you use the normal ‘Google search box’ at the top-right of your browser to search among over 200 websites for images you can use totally free for many purposes. It has quick-links to the licensing page for each site so you can check you’re using images legally, and helps a little with providing link attribution for the people who make this great free images available to you.

Free Stock Photo Search Tool Logo
The Ultimate Free Stock Photo Search Tool extension is for firefox, although I’ll have a Chrome version out soon too which will work exactly the same way. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a really good free photo or illustration to really match what you are using the image for, whether that’s a blog post, article, a twitter background or avatar for your forums; by using the Free Stock Photo Finder you can make that a little easier.

You can read more about how to find free stock photos, what you can use them for and why photographers and illustrators make them available for no charge to you in my Free Stock Photos article.