Search 50 Million Stock Photos on iPhone or iPad

Search 50 million stock photos across 13 of the most popular microstock agencies

The Stock Photo Power Search App for iOS makes it easy to search through over 50 MILLION stock images and find awesome microstock photos for your website or blog, for your web design or print projects, for your clients, or for any other reason you need great photographs or illustrations for a low price.

The app works for all screen sizes (phones and tablets) and displays search results for either new images or each agency’s ‘best match’ search in a neat grid. Clicking any of these thumbnails will open a larger preview.

Visit that image on the web to license it directly or use the in-app links to share/save your link for later or send to someone else.

The 13 included stock photo agencies are:

The app is lightweight and fast, and makes it really easy to search the agencies for royalty free images to license for as little as $1.

It’s a great way to quickly, easily, and most importantly legally source amazing photos, illustrations, clipart or textures for your website or design project.

What are you waiting for? Go and search for stock photos now 🙂

Please review with your feedback, or if you have suggestions to make the Stock Photo Power Search App even better.

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